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  • Unleash the Storyteller

    September 28, 2015

      People love stories.  The juicier the better.  You’ve seen tabloid headlines like these: Sex scandal topples Health Guru’s Empire Corruption traced to Highest Levels Giant creature roams sewers of Paris We filmmakers can learn from...»

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  • Is your product?s voice dooming your product to lose?

    June 5, 2015

    Why does Apple, with all its reserves, invest in voices for Siri that are far below the sophistication of their technology? The Siri voice sounds a bit put off by my questions. “Why are you bothering me?” is the subtle message between the...»

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  • Storytelling ? the advertising that works

    May 12, 2015

    Though millions of dollars are spent trying to hammer marketing messages into our skulls, I doubt if you could name a single advertisement you remember hearing, seeing or reading on the radio on TV or now the internet. Madison Avenue has done nothing but...»

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  • Is Canon?s 70D the best BASIC filmmaking tool?

    March 16, 2015

    The 70D has so many advancements that solve so many problems it’s a dream camera for filmmakers, old and new, who don’t want to be bothered with all the buttons. Sure it’s been out a while and other cameras have jumped on center stage...»

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  • What?s in a voice? ?..everything !

    February 20, 2015

    It baffles us to see companies with immense technological prowess and customer service choose a voice that is uncaring, cold, and distant.The voice of a company defines the company’s persona.  The persona often determines whether the person wants to...»

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