We find and record the best voice talent in the world.


The Nicest Voices. The Friendliest Service. 16 years experience.

EXPERIENCE. We've recorded more large, multi-year audio filesets for top-tier technology
companies than any company in the world.
We began with Microsoft/Clarion's Auto PC in 1999.
We provide voices for Alpine's award-winning navigation systems.
We help IBM harvest phonemes to create synthetic speech.

We've recorded hundreds of thousands of voice files without a single error.

COST-EFFECTIVE. The voice files going into your system should be as defect-free as the other components
you produce. Our unique workflow has saved our clients millions of dollars in lawsuits.


We find you the nicest voices in virtually any language.

We're in Hollywood - Home of the best voices on the planet.

We have recorded Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Arabic,
N. American Spanish, European French, Chinese Mandarin,
N. American English, French Canadian.

We also have studios in Europe and South America if we need to expand the talent search for the perfect voice.


Six Sigma Standards of Excellence

400,000+ lines recorded - not a single missed word or mis-labelled file.

We're error-free, worry-free and hassle-free.
Our unique workflow prevents errors from entering your voice fileset.



Our voice talent must pass 15 Criteria to work for you.

Our voice talent have the discipline or stamina to record a 12,000-line script
day after day and perfectly match their performance.

For IBM, we auditioned 43 voice talent.
Our sound engineer, producer and voice coach ranked the talent in 15 categories.
The best talent was selected. She performed flawlessly, recording 90,000 word script in a consistently pleasant,
easy-to-listen-to voice.

This is our standard of excellence.



5 Tiers of Quality Control - We catch the errors so you don't have to.

1) Before recording - Language experts review scripts to eliminate errors.
2) During recording - Auditor verifies all lines are recorded as scripted.
3) During editing - Auditor verifies that no file was inadvertently dropped or altered.
4) After editing - Voice coach reviews each file to see if we need to re-record any file.
5) Before delivery - Three auditors make sure every file is present, correctly recorded, and named.



We deliver on time, and on budget. No surprises.

Our experience helps us anticipate problems and prevent them.
You have a budget and a time frame that are real with buffer days included to allow for human error. People get colds. Things change. We are flexible, experienced and easy to work with. Using a reality-based budget and schedule with buffer days built in, we'll help you avoid the nightmare project.


We make your project come off without a hitch.

We take problems off your plate.

Alpine voted us their most reliable vendor.

If you'd like a vendor you can trust with your project, call us!


Call me on my cell - 818 606-3538.


Voice Recording

Voice Recording


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