Pro Level I & 2 - Day One
Learn the DSLR in a seven-hour, hands-on workshop - The menu settings the Pro's use, Custom White Balance, the best ISO settings to use, White Balance tricks, Myth-busting Green Screen techniques, DIT offloading workflow. PLUS, we recommend tried and true software and gear to get great shots and save you money. AND, we have drawings on free gear.

Pro Level I & 2- Day Two
Now you get a chance to implement and really solidify the things you've learned in Day One. You'll film scenes in an intensive, shoot day. Our pro's will help you check your settings. These scenes are then edited into a reel you'll be proud to share.

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Overview of the Boot Camp

You'll learn the DSLR in a friendly,professional, hands-on atmosphere.

You'll go at your own pace as you work through your checklist. Your questions come first so you learn the camera quickly and easily

You learn camera menus by drilling them with other students until you can set up a camera in less than four minutes.

Side by side tests of picture styles help you understand what styles do and decide which one's best for your film.

You find out what histograms are and how to use them.

You learn different camera platforms like the slider.

You drill offloading files while another student pretends to be an impatient producer trying to rush you to cut corners.

You learn about lenses and depth of field.

You drill your skills until you gain certainty you're ready to film your movie.

You must pass the final exam with 100% before you get your certificate. (Trampas did it and so can you!)


Boot Camp Films

The Sonnet: One of the first films shot by our participants. The results are beautiful.

Escape: See the stunning shots our students filmed at our Cine Boot Camps at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Christmas: This heartwarming video was shot by some of our boot camp graduates.

Ruze: This short film was shot on location in Prague by 38 filmmakers at our first international boot camp.

Just a Second: This PSA was shot at a Los Angeles Cine Boot Camp.


For info on Canon DSLR Workshops, contact us

phone: 818.841.9660


In 2010, we began our hands-on boot camps to help out-of-work filmmakers learn a new digital platform and get work. Canon graciously loaned us some 5d's and 7d's to help us get under way. You should also know that Canon provides excellent information and training opportunities of their own, both online: and in person at : Canon's Live Learning events.
Many of our friends at Canon are pleased we are helping Canon train filmmakers. 99% of our students surveyed rank our training "Couldn't ask for better" or "More than I expected." Last Fall, Canon premiered eight of the films our students shot. We are not Canon, but like all digital filmmakers, we love the way Canon empowered so many filmmakers around the world, young and old.

Joe tries out one of the five Zeiss CP.2 lenses we feature at the boot camp.


Boot Camp Graduates, CLICK HERE to register for Dana Christiaansen's "How I film Moving Vehicles workshop.

Boot Camp Graduates, CLICK HERE to register for "Transitioning to Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects" workshop.

Boot Camp Graduates, CLICK HERE to register for "Audio: 4 workflows when you don't have a Sound Person" workshop & preview of Magic Lantern RAW video.

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We got four sound rig setups for those who have to shoot fast with a small crew outside the studio system of filmmaking. Plus, there'll be a short preview of Magic Lantern's RAW video firmware upgrade.

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We've teamed up with the HoverCamera inventor, Robert Hogg, to provide these services to a growing marketplavce. If you have interest in the HoverCamera, please call us at 818 841-9660.

Whether you're a beginner, a still photographer or an experienced filmmaker, your questions come first, not last. Our hands-on boot camps are based on Active Learning teaching methods endorsed by Columbia University and U.C. Berkeley as the most effective way of learning. This is why our students give out boot camps such high ratings.

Still Photographers: We were chosen by the Brooks Institute Workshops, the Palm Springs Photo Festival, and the California Photo Festival to train still photographers to enter motion picture camerawork. Below are the ratings of our professional still photographers at the recent Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Cine Boot Camps - To inquire by email (click here)

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Filmmakers Comment on our Cine Boot Camps

Frame_Serena Frame_Todd Frame_Geary2
Serena Lissy "A fun group" Todd Cahoon "Slowed down for beginners like me" Geary McLeod, ASC "The Mentalist" DP
Gloria_Baker_new Dom_Gill_new Chris_Smith_new
Gloria Baker "Worth every penny" Palm Springs Photo Festival Dominic Gill- Adventure Filmmaker Chris Smith- Editor
Garrett_Warren_new Daniel_Frame Ray_Carns_new
Garrett Warren "Got insider tips from the pros" Daniel Pearl, ASC-Texas Chainsaw Massacre. "I was never in a fog" Ray Carns- Stills Photographer, Palm Springs Photo Festival
Frame_Darla Heidi_Frame Chris_Frame
Darla Davis "I can go make a film tomorrow" Heidi Marie "I now know the camera backwards and forwards" Chris Wilkinson "Couldn't be happier"
Ashley_Frame Andrew_Frame Rick_Frame2
Ashley Wilson "I'm set" Andrew Harbert "One tip paid for the course" Rick Romero- TV camera op, Belize
Corey_Frame Camilla_Frame Joe_Frame
Corey Orthmann- Learning low-budget production Camilla Magid "I could go out on my own and film" Joe Campo "My question was answered in the first 10 minutes"
Karl_Morgan_new Meggins_Moore_new Charles_Kay_new
Karl Morgan- Production Manager Meggins Moore- First AC Charles Kay, Jr- Stills Photographer, Brooks Institute Graduate

"To anyone who asks me if I can shoot their project, I want to say 'Yes I can'. If you want to work tomorrow, get to the boot camp."
           - Cyrille Autin, Filmmaker

"It's hard to find a good class in LA...I came here and the office is really professional, the people are friendly, and I think you guys did a really good job"
           - Cuong Diep, King Ice videographer

"I feel much more comfortable working on a video project...It was worth every penny."
           - Gloria Baker, Still Photographer-NYC

"I think your class was ten times better than what I expected."
           -Robert Stephens, Filmmaker

"I just bought my Mark II last night. The instructor slowed down for people like me, who didn't know as much. It turned out great."
           - Todd Cahoon, Actor/Writer-LA

"If you're on the fence, it's worth every penny."
           - Frank Addelia, Actor/ Stunt Coordinator


Our Prague Boot Camp filmmakers on location at the historic Prague train station. Many thanks to Martin (who appears the shortest man in this picture), Marcus, Monika and all their KA Czech crew. And to Nancy, Celine and Tom. Good Times!


Behind-the-scenes at Cine Boot Camps


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